2-in-1 Clever Kitchen Tongs (1350 + 150 Delivery Charges)

1,999 1,499

With the Clever Tongs you can grab, scoop, and serve foods like scrambled eggs, pulled pork, pot roasts, fish fillets, fruits, cookies, salads, hamburgers, grilled-cheese, steaks, and more! The Clever Tongs give you a commercial quality tool with practically no mess!

– Heat Resistant

– Dishwasher Safe

– Eco-Friendly

– Made of Silicone + Stainless Steel

– Soft and flexible, deformation resistance

Buy 1 Clever Kitchen Tong in Rs. 1499
Buy 2 Clever Kitchen Tong in Rs. 2499
(1350 + 150 Delivery Charges)
Delivery Time 2 Days
Call / Whatsapp: 0333-2689191

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